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Welcome to the English version of Koekla

Koekla is an puppet theatre company from the Netherlands, producing wonderful plays for children since the year 2000. The plays are often based on fairy tales or stories from diverse cultures, dealing with a variety of topics appealing to young children. Every performance is set in a beautiful scenery. The lighting, music and sound effects, make for a magical atmosphere with lots of surprises and playful twists. The puppets, made by skilled craftsmen, are engaging and lively characters. They make every performance a captivating experience full of positive energy. Christina Boukova is the puppeteer and artistic director. Her partner Gilian Dierdorp provides the audiovisual support. Koekla is a traveling theatre and has performed plays in schools, community centers and theatres from all over the world. The art form of puppetry is cherished by Koekla and performed in their own unique style. Ultimately it’s about giving the children an unforgettable time!