Little mole Bim is a bright and cheerful animal. He lives under the ground in a garden full of flowers. Above ground, where he also likes to linger, lives a cat. One day, a baby bird flittered into the garden in search of its mother. The mean cat catches the bird. Bim takes pity on the little bird and, just in time, rescues it from the cat. He brings it to Doctor Dog where it can recover. After all they’ve been through, will they find the baby bird’s mother?
A cheerful and musical performance which invites you into the cozy and colorful world of Bim the little Mole. Almost without words.

For all Children from the age of 2.5 till 8 years and family. Very suitable for festivals, duration 45 minutes

 – The 2 nd Nanchong International Puppet Art Week. In june 2017 Winning 2 Awards: Outstanding program and Design/Puppets
– The 5 th China Quanzhou International Puppet Festival. In december 2017. No competition.
– Invited by TIANCI ltd june 2018 from Guangzhou 12 shows in different cities in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Changsha, Shenzhen,     Winner of the Award ‘the Outstanding Drama’ on the 2nd Guangzhou International Family Theatre Festival 
– The 6 th Golden Magnolia International Puppet theatre Festival in Shanghai. November 2018. Winner of the Performance Award.
– The 36th International Puppet theatre Festival of Lugano, Switserland 2019. No competition