Aladdin (English)



Puppet festival Lugano

Aladdin dreams of being a prince. One day a strange man knocks on, claiming to be his uncle. He says he can fulfill his wish: “If you do something for me, I will make you Prince Aladdin.” He takes Aladdin on a flying carpet to a cave in the desert in search of the magic lamp. Then the Djinn, the ghost from the lamp, appears. He shows Aladdin that his uncle is the evil wizard Djafar, who wants to marry the princess in order to seize power. Together they forged a plan to stop him. Will Aladdin succeed in stopping Djafar and becoming a prince?

Aladdin (4+) is a wonderful fairy tale from a thousand and one nights full of magic and humor, with a contemporary twist. The rhythmic music and the colorful backdrop with animation and full of exciting surprises take the viewer to a world of Eastern cities, deserts and palaces.

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Puppet festival Lugano